Allied Health

Here at Strathpine 7 Day Medical Centre we also have allied health professionals who assist our patients with specific conditions, so you know that you can receive the best care under the same roof.


Our Psychologist

Here at Strathpine 7 Day Medical Centre, we have a psychologist and a clinical psychologist available.

Psychology intervention is available and designed to focus on prevention; address health disparities; aimed to reduce psychological distress; and enhance and promote psychological wellbeing in all populations. Andre Bauer is a clinical psychologist and available at Strathpine 7 Day Medical Centre every second Saturday. Adrian Cooper is our psychologist and is available at Strathpine 7 day Medical Centre every second Wednesday. Speak to your General Practitioner if you feel you could benefit from seeing one of our professional psychologists.

Session Times: Andre is available every second Saturday. Adrian is available every second Wednesday. Please call our reception team to book an appointment.

Our Dietitian

Kyle Blackwell is our dietician here at Strathpine 7 Day Medical Clinic. Kyle's role is to collect, organise and assess data relating to your health and nutritional status. You can use this service, with or without metabolic disorder.

Kyle aims to provide you with an evidence based education and communicating information, advice and her professional opinion.

Going to see a dietician is really all about getting assistance with the management of centered nutrition. Kyle can assist you by planning appropriate diets and menus, educating you on your individual nutritional needs and ways of accessing and preparing their food. To start planning, implementing and evaluating nutrition programs please speak with your General Practitioner about booking an appointment with Kyle.

Session Times: Once a month on a Monday. Please contact reception for specific dates and times available.

Our Urologist

A urologist specialises in the genitourinary tract, the kidneys, urinary bladder, adrenal glands, urethra and male reproductive organs and male fertility. They are also trained in the surgical and medical treatment of diseases that affect these organs.

Our urologist, Dr Anojan (Ano) Navaratnam is a fully credentialed urological surgeon with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.  He is a robotic surgeon with interests in urologic oncology and endourology.

Speak to your General Practitioner if you feel you could benefit from seeing Dr Ano Navaratnam.

Session Times: Ano is available every second week on alternating Monday and Tuesdays.  Please call the Brisbane Urology Clinic 07 3830 3300 to book an appointment.

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